Monday, March 30, 2020

System Instructions

How do I send an email to my team from Sports Pilot?


  1. Log into Sports Pilot Account - click here

  2. Click VIEW link to the right of Coachs’ (your) name

  3. MOUSE OVER the View link to the right of the Program /League you are coaching

  4. SCROLL Down to, then click on, the MANAGE TEAM ROSTER link

  5. To email the entire team, click the box above the first coach/player.  Or, select only the player(s) or coach(es) you wish to email by click the box next to their name.

  6. Click on Send Email / Invitation  

  7. PLEASE Be sure to include a subject with your team name, sign YOUR NAME and EMAIL when corresponding with players.  

  8. Click Send Email/Invitation button below the roster to compose and send email.