Sunday, May 27, 2018

HYS Board of Directors

Position Name Email


Christopher Gong

Vice President

Joseph Theis


Nguyet Lam


Joe Slankas

Coastal League Representative

Steve Fetsko

Coastal League Standards Comm.

Steve Fetsko

Referee Coordinator

Dave MacKay

Registrar and League Manager

Suzie MacKay

Director of Coaching

Ryan Puntiri

Travel Coordinator

Steve Fetsko

In-town Coordinator

Steve McCoy

Kickers K Division Director

Michael Dupin

Kickers 1 Division Director

Steve Pollenz

Junior Girls Division Director

Frank Benham

Frank Benham

Junior Boys Division Director

Sean Downey

Senior Girls Division Director

Rory Murray & Megan Murray,

Senior Boys Division Director

Grant Owen & Darren Baker,


Girls Grade 3/4 Division Director

Steve McCoy


Boys Grade 3/4 Division Director

Steve McCoy


Girls Grade 5/6 Division Director

Jim Huse


Boys Grade 5/6 Division Director

Ted Healey

Girls Grade 7/8 Division Director

Dan Gilbert

Boys Grade 7/8 Division Director

Tom Costello & Neil Murtagh

HS Division Director

Christopher Gong

Equipment Coordinators

Christopher Gong/Ted Healey

Field Coordinators

Greg Devine

Communications Coordinator

Suzie MacKay

Referee Assignor

Rob Thorne

Website Content Editor

Brad Carr

Revs Night Coordinator

Ted Healey

Merchandise  Frank Benham FEBENHAM@YAHOO.COM

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General Inquiries will be received by the League Administrator/Registrar and will be forwarded to the appropriate Director.  

Please allow 24 hours for a response.  Thank you.

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