HYS Fall Soccer is On!

HYS Families – Please read this 2020 fall season update carefully.

Are we playing this fall?  Yes! Soccer is on for the fall.  The state’s youth sports guidelines issued by the Massachusetts Executive Officer of Energy and Environmental Affairs as well as the guidelines issued by Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association give us the greenlight to the play.

When do we start?  HYS will start Saturday, September 12.  Now that we know we can play under state guidelines and have selected a start date we are working to put together teams and gear up for the season.   We will share more details, including uniform information, over the next couple of weeks.

Can I still register? Yes, please use the Register button on our website home page to register for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 season. We know many families are dealing with limited options for activities this fall and soccer will be a great way for the kids to stay active in a fun and competitive environment.

Will it be the same soccer?  Not exactly.  The guidelines require certain modifications to the game which include no throw ins, no corner kicks and no shoulder challenges.  There will also be masks.  We will share more details on these modifications ahead of opening weekend.

Will we travel to other towns?  No, we have decided to run our travel program as an in town experience for this fall.  Coastal Youth Soccer will not start games until after Columbus Day at the earliest and most of the towns we play against have either decided not to travel or are undecided.  We think we can offer the best fall experience if we stay in town.  We will have more details regarding our plan ahead of opening weekend but we are working very hard to create a fun and competitive soccer season.  Luckily, HYS is large enough to provide a strong in town option involving practices and weekly games just like our traditional travel program.

What about Tryouts for 5/6 and 7/8 soccer?  The in town program for 5/6 and 7/8 soccer will involve competitively balanced teams which means we won’t break out into the traditional A, B and balanced teams. We don’t know when we will run travel tryouts for the spring season.  We may run tryouts at the end of the fall but we don’t know what makes sense at this point and will decide that at a later date.

What is your refund policy?  HYS will issue a full refund if the entire season (Fall and Spring) is postponed without any games played. If any games are played then a partial refund will be issued taking into account HYS’ costs incurred and the number of games played over the course of the full season (Fall and Spring).  See here for our prior communications on the upcoming season and refund policy.

Questions? Please email support@hinghamyouthsoccer.com.
HYS Board