HYS Travel Soccer Update

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well this Summer, or as well as we all can with everything that's been going on.  It seems like it's been forever since we've been able to get out on the fields as we've lost our Spring season, and now we look to the fall..

Right now, all we can really tell you is that everyone on the board is doing everything they possibly can to get the kids back out on the field in the fall.  What that may look like is almost impossible to tell at this point.  Obviously, we've been watching all the same news/alerts/press releases from the state and the MYSA that you all have.  At this point things are adjusting almost daily, so while we have some ideas as to how we will be attacking soccer this fall, nothing is concrete.  What we can tell you is this:

We have over 400 players registered for our programs so far, so please do not forget to register to help us plan for both the fall 2020 and spring 2021 seasons.  Due to this uncertainty there will be no late registration fees for the year, and as a reminder: HYS will issue a full refund if the entire season (Fall and Spring) is postponed without any games played. If any games are played then a partial refund will be issued taking into account HYS’ costs incurred and the number of games played over the course of the full season (Fall and Spring).

I know that's not much, but we really don't want to release a plan just to release it, and then be constantly adjusting.  That leads to confusion on everyone's part and that's not what we want.

Thanks to everyone for understanding.  Stay safe and we will see you out there soon!

Steve McCoy

Hingham Travel Coordinator