Travel League Fall 2020 Info

Hey everyone, 

At long last it looks as though we will finally get to play some soccer again!  It's been a crazy time for all, to be sure, but yes, as of now, we WILL be on the field in a few short weeks.  Obviously, a lot has changed, so please try to follow along as best as possible to keep up with all the changes...

Start date and end date: Saturday September 12th through Saturday November 7th (no games Columbus Day weekend Saturday October 10th) 

Playing requirements:  We are following the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Covid-19 guidelines. Masks will be required by each player at all times on the field (whether playing or on the sideline during the game). Neck gaiters are NOT allowed as MYSA considers them dangerous, only masks that fit over the ears are acceptable.  If the child is out of breath after a run they can lower it to catch their breath but must pull it back up.  If a child doesn’t have a mask they can’t be on the field.  Throw-ins, corner kicks, sliding and other game situations that lead to more contact or tight spacing is prohibited.  Coaches will be working with the kids on all of this and everyone will get the hang of it. 

Team size and fields: This fall all Travel games will be played In Town, which is certainly confusing.  We will play all games as 7v7 games on smaller fields.  This is obviously due to the Covid regulations the State has in place.  We need less players, coaches, and spectators on the fields.  That's pretty much what it boils down to.  So we hope everyone will work with us, we beat this thing, and then this Spring we will be back to normal.

In the past we have always had tryouts for grades 5-8 in the previous spring.  We understandably could not do this this year.  So we will make teams as even as possible and have a fun, competitive 8 game season of 7v7 matches.  All games will be between various Travel Hingham teams.

Team rosters are being finalized and will be communicated early next week after Labor Day – be on the lookout for an email from your coach next week with the roster and game schedule.

Game Scheduling: Since we are not traveling this fall, it does allow us to have a more static game schedule, unlike other years.  So this is what it should look like.  THIS COULD BE TWEAKED SLIGHTLY, but it should be very close to final.

NOTE: Union Field is across from Hingham High School NOT Union Point in Weymouth 

Girls 3/4 - Union at 8:30 AM (2 games)

Boys 3/4 - Union at 10 AM (2 games) 

Girls 5/6 - Union at 11:30 AM (2 games)

Boys 5/6 - Union at 1 PM (2 games)

Girls 5/6 - CSC at 8:30 AM (2 games)

Boys 5/6 - CSC at 10 AM (2 games)

Girls 7/8 - CSC at 11:30 AM (2 games)

Boys 7/8 - CSC at 1 PM (2 games)

Boys 7/8 - Union at 2:30 PM (1 game)

Practice Scheduling: Practices will be once a week at either Union, Cronin, or the Hingham Middle School.  They are at the coach's discretion, and will be communicated when your coach contacts you.

Parents and Spectators:  We can only have one (1) parent per player at the field for the games to meet MYSA requirements on the total number of people on the field during sessions.  Parents or guardians must wear a mask and be socially distanced.  MYSA understands that caregivers may have extenuating circumstances with siblings – in situations where no alternative exists a sibling could attend wearing a mask.  HYS is accountable to monitor this and if we see numbers exceed MYSA state requirements our ability to play will be impacted.

Contact Tracing: Our coaches and division directors will work to track attendance at the games to ensure we can manage any necessary contact tracing.  Thank you for the support of their efforts to accurately gather this information each session.

Covid-19 Waiver: We will need every parent/guardian to complete a Covid-19 waiver for HYS.  This will be sent out over the next week via SportsPilot , our registration service

Thank you for your support and understanding this year.  Guidelines from the State and from MYSA likely will change this fall and we will adjust as needed.  Our goal is to return the kids to some normalcy by having some safe and fun soccer outside this fall.

Thanks everyone!  Looking forward to a great season!


Steve McCoy

Hingham Travel Director