Registration and Refund Policy Update

June 30, 2020

HYS Families, 

We hope this communication finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. It was disappointing for all of us to cancel the Spring 2020 season but we have been following the Governor’s recommendations to manage health and safety during this pandemic. While we have no crystal ball for what might happen, we are opening up registration for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 season now in the hope that we return to normal (or at least a new normal) that will allow our kids to get out and enjoy some soccer in the Fall. Since we know there is some uncertainty with registering now with the possibility the season is cancelled, we’re making some changes to our refund policy for next year as well as providing you with some insight on how we made this decision based in part on the Spring 2020 cancellation:

Due to the uncertainty of the schedule and planning for the fall, HYS will issue a full refund if the entire season (Fall and Spring) is postponed without any games played. If any games are played then a partial refund will be issued taking into account HYS’ costs incurred and the number of games played over the course of the full season (Fall and Spring).

The in-town game play next year will be the same as prior years. The travel game play next year will be a little different; our travel players will play exclusively against other HYS players until after Columbus Day weekend. The changes to the travel program present an opportunity to create a better community atmosphere in the Fall as we return to soccer, better training for our travel players and a better tryout process. To be honest, we’re excited to see if we can improve on HYS’ past success with these changes. A lot can change between now and September and the only certainty is that some of it will change. Nevertheless, we are planning for an exciting soccer season next year and look forward to returning to the soccer fields with you.

Let us take a moment to explain why we did not refund any fees for last year. While many sports in town offer one season, youth soccer has always been a two-season sport. We collect fees up front for the fall and spring season and incur costs in the fall for both the fall and spring season (such as insurance, uniforms and field maintenance). Before the spring season was scheduled to begin in April, we had incurred more than 85% of our costs for the fall and spring and were not able to receive any refunds for those costs. We are a non-profit, volunteer run organization with limited funds that runs as lean as possible to keep fees down. In other words, we don’t have a cash surplus that allows us to lose significant amounts of money and keep running. We debated this extensively as a Board and considered a small ($20-40) refund for the difference between registration fees and the sunk costs. But issuing a refund has its own transaction costs and effort. Another factor was we had previously decided to raise fees for all divisions for the 2020/2021 season which would have been first the HYS fee increase in 5 seasons for most of our divisions. Based on these factors, we decided not to issue a partial small refund but we also decided not to raise fees for this upcoming season. We know not everyone would have made the same decision but we tried to strike the right balance between helping our families and keeping the organization healthy to keep going.

You will find more information about registration and the in-town and travel divisions on our website 

If you have questions, please contact the HYS Registrar, Suzie MacKay at You can also contact our In-Town Coordinator, Sean Downey, at with questions about in-town soccer and our Travel Coordinator, Steve McCoy, at with questions about travel soccer.


HYS Board