Travel Coaches Update Spring 2021

If you have signed on to be a coach for Hingham Travel soccer this Spring, you'll receive an email with the relevant links and and meeting specifics for the topics covered below below.   
Hopefully, you have all reached out to your teams, introduced yourselves, and have completed all CORI requirements that our Registrar, Suzie McKay, has asked for,  If you have not done that and you are still on her list as such, PLEASE find out from her what you need to do ASAP.  This spring will be MUCH different than the fall.  We will be playing and traveling to other towns.  These are state and Coastal league rules that we have to follow, so if you do not have your CORI completed there is nothing anyone here can do about it.  You may very well not be allowed to coach that game.  So please, get that done.
Other than that, THANK YOU very much for agreeing to coach.  We can't do it without all the volunteers that give up their time to make it happen for hundreds of Hingham soccer players each year.  And with that said, I will get right into it, as I will try VERY hard to not barrage you with a million long emails this spring as we go along.  But yeah...  This will be a long one...
Scheduling games is one thing that Travel coaches have to do that you would not have had to do when coaching only In Town.  The Travel HOME schedule is completed and in the Google Drive for you to find your team, copy your schedule, and get it to the visiting coaches from other towns.  Many of you have probably already gotten emails form other coaches telling you when you will play in their town, and/or asking you for the Hingham dates and times.  So here is how you do it:
1.  You must go to the link provided in the email to access your team's schedule.   There you can see your schedule in the Hingham Master Schedule document.  The tab that says "Hingham-All" lists all home games for Hingham Travel this Spring.  If you coach Girls 5th and 6th grade Team 4.  It will look like G 5/6-4.  So find that schedule and get those games out to your opponents.  
2. Use the link provided in the email to see the coach's list for all towns.  You might have a game against the 7/8 grade Boys team from Carver 4.  So find the Carver section and find Carver 4 and you'll see all the contact info. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Union does NOT mean Union Point.  Union are the 3 fields right across from the HS.  Union Q is the field right over the crosswalk.  Union S is the field over to the right as you walk into Union.  And Union R is the field straight down the back.  CSC is the Cohasset Sports Complex in Cohasset on Route 3A.  Cronin is the field right behind the fire station and next to Town Hall.  Lastly, Carlson are the Fields in Bear Cove, off Beal St.

To enter scores you use the same tab that you found your schedule and enter the scores each week.  You should check with the ref and other coach to confirm your scores each game.
Coach's Meeting
We will have our annual Coach's Meeting this Thursday April 7th from 7:45 - 8:30pm to answer a LOT of questions and go over more of the basics like Rain Out procedures, rescheduling games, and other things like that.  Zoom link info is in the email sent to you. In short, coaches don't cancel games.  Each week we walk the fields and check out how things look.  We TRY to play even if it's raining.  If it's awful or thunder and lightning, obviously we postpone.  But in the Spring we get fined for any game we don't play or make up, so we really want to get them in.  Here is the info for the Travel Coach's Meeting:
We are HOPING to have the uniforms in by the meeting, or at least opening day, but we will know more about that this week.
Each of you should have a bag with balls, med kit, and other materials from the fall.  If you need anything else, we will try to get you goalie gloves, extra pinnies, and other equipment that we didn't have due to Covid in the fall.  Mostly, we will be similar in trying to limit too much sharing, same as the fall.  We will have the list of Covid protocols at the meeting and keep you updated.
You can access the Travel Practice Grid by the link provided in the email.  You should go in and find a practice slot for your team.  That is up to the coach to schedule a one hour practice each week as best you can.  We put two teams on each field, sometimes 3 for smaller teams that don't need a lot of room.  But mostly we use two slots per field.  Please find your team number in the bottom left and put your coach name next to your team.  Also, the Middle School is not on here.  It may be added as an option, but they might be putting tents out there for the students so we will keep away for now.  
OK, take a deep breath, it's not THAT bad.  There will be more info forthcoming, but that is a lot for now.  So #1 priority at this point is to talk to your team, pick a practice slot and get the game times to your opponents.  The rest we can work out at the meeting and as we progress thru the season.  
Thanks again to everyone who is coaching!  It should be a great season!  Please reach out to your division Director, who should also have reached out to introduce him or herself already, with questions.  And you can always contact me!  Have a great Sunday night!
Steve McCoy
Hingham Travel Director