Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Affiliation

Hingham Youth Soccer is affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association and follows its rules and regulations.

Players’ Rights

All rules, regulations and actions followed by Hingham Youth Soccer are designed for the safety, well-being and enjoyment of all players.

Admittance Policies, Rules and Regulations for Annual Registration

A player is considered registered if he/she has submitted all forms and payment as required by the Hingham Youth Soccer Registration Director. To be accepted, all forms must be completed in accordance with the instructions issued, and must be received by the Registration Director no later than the date specified by the Board of Directors for the season in which the player wishes to participate.

Player eligibility shall be determined by the player’s age or grade in school. He/she must have a parent or guardian release form, and must have paid all organization fees. Hingham Youth Soccer will accept any and all children living in town to play.

Failure to comply with the above registration procedures will eliminate the player or associate from participating in Hingham Youth Soccer, and may limit the player’s or associate’s coverage under any liability coverage obtained by Hingham Youth Soccer.

Late Fee

Players who have not submitted a completed entry form together with full payment before the deadline set by the Board of Directors will not be guaranteed a playing position on a team and will be charged a late fee. The amount of the late fee and grace period will be determined by the Board of Directors, and will be made known at least one month prior to the start of registration.

Refund Policy

Registrants in the U12 through U14 Travel Programs who must cancel prior to August 1, and registrants in the In-town programs who must cancel prior to September 1, can receive a refund of their registration fee, less a $30.00 administrative fee. After these dates, there are no refunds. Please register only if you are sure you can play. Late dropouts can leave teams shorthanded, making things difficult for the remaining players.

Waiting List

Once the regular registration deadline has passed, all late registrants will be placed on the waiting list for his/her age group. Each age-group coordinator will work with the Registrar to manage the waiting list for their age group. HYS will work to place as many wait-listed children as possible, although players who register late cannot be guaranteed placement on a HYS team. HYS's mission is to ensure a great soccer experience for ALL the children in the program, so HYS has placed limits on the number of players per team. Once these limits have been reached, no additional players can be accepted.

Scholarships (Financial Assistance)

It is the policy of Hingham Youth Soccer that no child should be denied the opportunity to play soccer due to a family’s financial situation. Those applying for financial assistance should contact the Registrar of HYS. All financial assistance requests are reviewed by the Board and are kept confidential.

Uniforms; Proper Equipment; No Earrings

Hingham Youth Soccer provides a uniform to all players participating HYS. The fee for the uniform is included in the registration fee. Uniforms do not need to be returned at the end of the season.

  • Kickers Kindergarten and Kickers First Grade Divisions are given a reversible jersey; players reuse their shirt when they move from the kindergarten to the first grade league (if you are new to HYS as a first grader, you will be receive a new shirt).
  • The Junior Division (2nd grade) and Senior (3rd/4th grader) Divisions receive a shirt, shorts and socks; they are given a new uniform each year.
  • Grade 5/6, and 7/8 Travel Divisions receive a shirt, shorts and socks each year.
  • High School Divisions are given a uniform shirt each year.

All Players must wear the proper uniform and shinguards for games. No jewelry, watches, wristbands or the like may be worn during games or practice.

Earrings are not allowed to be worn at any game, practice or clinic; this includes any earrings covered with tape or band-aids. The restriction applies to all age groups. HYS recommends players who are planning to get their ears pierced wait until the end of the Fall season to do so. If players cannot remove new ear piercing due to medical restrictions, then they will not be allowed to participate until they can do so. 

Player Transfer and Placement

Players may not be transferred from one team to another after the rosters have been finalized without the approval the Division Director.

No player at or below the age of ten (10), twelve (12), and fourteen (14) years as determined by Hingham Youth Soccer rules shall be allowed to play up in an age group.

Coaching Positions

Anyone interested in an appointment as a coach or assistant coach may sign-up during the Registration process. If you would like to be a coach or assistant coach or to lend a hand in any capacity, please complete the Parental Support section of the registration application. You will also be subject to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check. This is required for all volunteers.

Any coach or assistant coach desiring to change the age group in which they are coaching, or their status from coach to assistant coach or from assistant coach to coach, contact a member of the Board of Directors or Registrar and indicate the desired change.

Compliance and Sanctions

Each coach is responsible for verifying that all of the players are properly registered and qualified to play on a team.

If it is determined that a team has used an unregistered, suspended, over-age, or otherwise unqualified player in a game, the game shall be considered a forfeit. In addition, the Board of Directors or Division Director may suspend the team, coach and/or the player for a certain number of games or period of time. Any player who misrepresents his/her age will be suspended for the remainder of the season. A coach or assistant coach knowingly using an over-age, suspended, unregistered, or otherwise unqualified player will be automatically suspended and only readmitted to the Hingham Youth Soccer program after applying in writing to the Board of Directors or Division Director. The Board of Directors or Division Director’s decision concerning coaches and assistant coaches can be changed only by a majority vote of the Board of Directors during a meeting of the Board at which a quorum exists.