Vision / Mission Statement

The purpose of Hingham Youth Soccer is to develop and promote a vital and exciting soccer program within the town of Hingham . This will be accomplished through programs designed to educate players and parents about the sport of soccer and develop public awareness. These programs will provide the opportunity for training and play for all interested parties and shall be designed to develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork and fair play.

HYS Age Groupings and Seasons

  • Players are grouped by their grade level through the senior (3rd/4th grade) division.
  • Birthdate restrictions apply to the players who participate in the U10, U12, U14, and U16 through U19 travel divisions (i.e players cannot play "down" a division if their birthday is after the age group deadline, even if they are in the lower grade level; however, HYS allows players to play with their grade level through the senior in-town division).
  • U10 (3rd/4th grade) age group can opt to play in the senior in-town division or the U10 travel division.
  • U16, U18 and U19 groups will only play in the spring only; all other divisions play in the fall and spring.

Parent Concerns

If a parent has a concern about team management, he or she should talk to the coach of their child’s team first on an individual basis to try to obtain an answer. If the parent does not feel that this is possible, he or she should talk to the Division Director (who is an officer of the board).

Parents Responsibility

Your children are your responsibility before, after and during the game and at practice. If you are unable to be there, please make alternative arrangements with another adult. Notify the coaches or referees of any hazards on the field, or indications that your child should be removed from the game.


Good sportsmanship is required of all players, coaches, parents and spectators. Coaches are responsible for their players’ conduct and well-being on the field. Parents will be held responsible, along with the player, to see that all rules and policies are followed. Please remember that officials will not tolerate certain offenses. Pushing, punching, and tripping from behind are clear-cut infractions that will be punished by instant dismissal of the offender from the game. There should be no exception to these rules.

Playing Time

The Hingham Youth Soccer program expects that all players will be afforded the opportunity to play at least one-half of the available playing time during any game that the player attends. Although the coach is not expected to keep exact track of the amount of time each player plays during a game, the coach is responsible for assuring that all players are provided the opportunity to play one-half of the game.


Please be aware that the town has spent considerable time and effort to alleviate parking and traffic problems at Union Street.

HYS participants should park in the parking lot (not along either side of Union Street). The Hingham Police Department will issue tickets to cars that are illegal parked to insure the safety of all. HYS players, parents, coaches and spectators are expected to be respectful of the grounds and parking regulations.

Players, parents, coaches and spectators should make sure their field is clear of all trash and recyclables at the end of each soccer session.

The success of Hingham Youth Soccer has always depended on parental involvement, volunteer assistance, and good sportsmanship by participants and spectators alike. We are proud to say that the response to these matters has been excellent, which enables HYS to be a successful and well-organized soccer league for the youth of Hingham.